Essential types of SEO tools

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June 18, 2018
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July 10, 2018

To remain competitive and relevant in the current on-line marketing environment, a good SEO strategy should be employed. However, in order to achieve significant success, you ought to harness the power of SEO services. Whilst some can you save you truck loads of time, others have the ability to track your rankings. Overall, with the right tools, you will get to enhance your organic (non-paid) search engine results.

Here are the top three types of SEO tools, with specific tools categorized as free, freemium and paid.

Keyword Analysis Tools
Keywords are what drives SEO. Your website can become very popular if you utilize the right types and amounts of keywords. These tools only provide you with data and the way you utilize it is what brings the results.

Ubersuggest (Free): Recommends a comprehensive list of keywords that can be used in your site.

Term Explorer (Freemium): Has the biggest database of keywords that you can use to boost the competitiveness of your site.

SEMrush (Paid): Provides more detailed data by allowing you to view specific keywords and your competitor’s current rankings for such keywords.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer (Paid) – This tool helps you to find the most trending keywords. Its database is large and accurate with over 5.6 billion keywords. It also offers a figure of traffic potential for every keyword based on the clicks done in every web search.

Technical SEO
Allows you to know how the back-end of your site functions and helps you to find any glitches on your site.

WooRank (Freemium) – Checks your site as well as your competitor’s for any inefficiencies and provides this data in a list so that you can go back and correct the missing parts.

Screaming Frog (Freemium) – It scans your site and saves the status data. For example; title pages and status codes in the form of a spreadsheet.
DeepCrawl (Paid) – Presents the SEO data in the visual form of charts and graphs. The tool also identifies missing content opportunities in your site.

Link building
Links also help to rank websites and influencing its popularity over the Internet. However, Google is against the idea of manual link building by advocating for strong content to increase responsiveness in sites.

Link Miner Plugin (Free) – Identifies and builds broken links by replacing old links with new ones.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer Extension (Freemium) – Works in a similar way as the Moz SEO Toolbar extension by providing crucial SEO information about the current site you are viewing.

Buzztream (Paid) – Is a great tool for scraping and identifying hidden details such as contacts.

Ahrefs Site Explorer (Paid) – This tool gives real-time information on backlinks. It finds the live, corrupted and lost links at a speed of 4 million pages per minute.

As mentioned at the beginning, these are some of the most sought after tools. There are many other tools out there that perform similarly. Begin to use tools for your online marketing, and very soon you’ll notice the positive impact it will have yours on your productivity & marketing campaigns.